”Dan's skillset of being able to understand drivers of a business and work with clients to bring that vision to creative light sets him apart.”

– Erik B., Client

”Whenever I had a high profile project, Dan was part of the ‘dream team‘ I’d request to work with. It’s because of his amazing talent that several of our campaigns have won awards for their creativity.”

– Robyn L., Client

”... a master of brand – able to champion and extend it in all the right ways, while delivering compelling creative that gets the audience to do what we want.”

– Deb K., Senior Copywriter

”Having spent a decade under Dan’s leadership, I can say he’s a rare blend of big-picture creative thinking mixed with exceptional attention to detail.”

– Andy H., Creative Director

”Dan is a welcome sight on set. He's open to the suggestions and ‘surprise happenstances’ that make the difference between just getting the job done and getting the job done well. Extraordinary vs. ordinary.”

– Joe T., Photographer

”Dan’s ability to recognize and appreciate the people around him is a rare skill that makes him the strong leader he is today.”

– Michelle S., Senior Director, Brand Strategy

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